Careers: our people

Careers: our people

Our people are central to our success.

We attract, retain, care for, motivate and listen to our people, developing them personally and professionally.

We want to attract and retain the best human resources through our recruitment and training opportunities so that our people operate at an optimum level and contribute to achieving the goals of the Business. We strongly believe that motivated and competent people are vital to the success of South Hook LNG.

We recruit people who are prepared to:

  • Take ownership and stand ‘above the line’ 
  • Take carefully planned decisions
  • Communicate professionally 
  • Be inspiring and make a difference

At South Hook LNG, we all work together, towards achieving a shared goal of business excellence. We care about the well-being of everyone that works at South Hook LNG and value the diversity of perspectives, ideas and backgrounds people have.

We operate in a competitive industry and we want to continue to be successful far into the future. Our people will always be at the heart of that success.

Rewards & Benefits

South Hook LNG offers competitive salaries with a wide range of benefits.


We look to recruit the right people who are able to provide a high level of service.

The Company seeks to enable all staff to have a fulfilling career, both in terms of professional development and by providing a working environment in which people can enjoy their work.

Roles at South Hook LNG vary and are one of the reasons why we are an enjoyable place to work. Offering a range of positions from Process Operators to Contract Buyers, Administration Assistants to Technical Writers, Maintenance Technicians to Commercial Schedulers.

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