What we do

The South Hook LNG Terminal: a receiving and regasification terminal

The South Hook LNG Terminal is a strategically significant link in the world’s first fully integrated supply chain that stretches from the gas fields in Qatar to the deep waterway of Milford Haven, West Wales.

The safe and reliable regasification of natural gas is our primary purpose.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is shipped from Qatar to our facility where we receive and regasify the LNG.  The gas finally enters the National Transmission System on the last stage of its journey, where it is distributed across the UK to homes, businesses and industry.


Safety – the top priority at South Hook LNG

All along the supply chain, from Qatar to Milford Haven in West Wales, safety is our number one priority. 

At South Hook LNG, we place stringent measure upon ourselves to make sure that all our safety processes are implemented effectively.