A detailed summary of the commercial arrangements at the South Hook LNG Terminal.

Commercial Operations

The South Hook LNG Terminal is jointly owned by Qatar Petroleum (67.5%), ExxonMobil Corporation (24.15%) and Total (8.35%).

The design processing capacity of the Terminal is 15.6 MTPA based on Qatari lean quality LNG, equivalent to delivery of about 21 bcm per annum of gas into the National Transmission System.


Commercial Structure

The Commercial structure of South Hook LNG is shown below.

Terminal Capacity

South Hook Gas Company Ltd, a UK Joint Venture of Qatar Petroleum International (70%) and ExxonMobil Qatargas (l l) Trading Company Limited (30%), purchased 100% of primary capacity at South Hook LNG Terminal under a Terminal Capacity Agreement.  South Hook Gas’ management of the import capacity is separate to the operation of the Terminal, which is owned and operated by South Hook LNG Terminal Company Ltd.

As Base User, South Hook Gas Company has acquired all primary capacity rights at the Terminal and is the first point of contact for LNG suppliers seeking to access secondary capacity of the Terminal.

A party may also become an Additional User at the Terminal and participate in 'Use It or Lose It' (UIOLI) capacity auctions.

Posted on behalf of our users, energy market information or REMIT (Regulation on Energy Market Integrity and Transparency) notices are placed on the South Hook LNG Bulletin Board.

South Hook LNG commercial structure