Safety Packs for the Maritime Volunteer Service (MVS)

Safety Packs for the Maritime Volunteer Service (MVS)

November 2012

The Pembrokeshire MVS is an important community resource, manned by local volunteers. Promoting maritime safety for all users of the Haven Waterway is an incredibly important aspect of their work and last Autumn we were able to offer our support to the group by contributing to the purchasing of heavy duty waterproofs, first aid kits and essential safety flare packs that will assist the service.

It is important to us at South Hook LNG that we are able to mirror our strong safety values through the community initiatives that we support. With safety being at the forefront of all that we do at the Terminal, we are proud to support a voluntary organisation that contributes to the safety of our marine environment, promoting good practices amongst all users of the Milford Haven Waterway

The MVS is part of the National organisation that encourages volunteers with or without any previous experience in maritime affairs. More information can be found at Maritime Volunteer Service

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