The Otters and Habitats Project

The Otters and Habitats Project

November 2012

We are proud to continue supporting the Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust, a charity that aims to protect and restore Pembrokeshire’s waterways, wetlands and wildlife.

South Hook LNG matched the grant made to the Trust by Countryside Council for Wales, to enable an exciting educational programme to identify and monitor otters, using state-of-the-art camera technology. The European Otter is a threatened species in the UK and Pembrokeshire is an area known to provide ideal habitats for these charming but elusive animals.

Ten local schools from around the County were involved in the scheme last year, including Coastlands in Herbrandston, Milford Haven, Lamphey and Cosheston. The Trust will be running the scheme again this year, with eight schools already signed up to take part. 

Helen Johnston, Project Manager at the Pembrokeshire Rivers Trust, said, “This exciting project gives the children the opportunity to leave the classroom and experience wildlife first hand. They all thoroughly enjoy the field trips and by becoming ‘scientists’ for a few days, they get to increase their understanding of the natural world at the same time as having fun!”

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