South Hook LNG Competition Inspires Sculpture Workshop for Teachers

24th October 2017

South Hook LNG Competition Inspires Sculpture Workshop for Teachers

An arts workshop aimed at supporting our annual calendar competition, has helped inspire schools that may be entering the ‘Recycle a Mascot’ challenge.

Organised and funded by the Arts and Education Network NAWR Cymru, with the support of local Arts Champion Caren Owens and artist Ami Marsden, teachers from schools across Pembrokeshire learned new techniques and explored ideas for how to use recycled materials, creating imaginative 3D masks and sculptures.

“At NAWR we are committed to supporting teachers in developing engaging, creative learning experiences through the arts” commented Caren.

“The 2017 South Hook LNG competition provides schools with an opportunity to develop a multi layered learning experience, with a creative end product. Working in collaboration with South Hook LNG and artist Ami Marsden, NAWR has been able to provide a creative boost for teachers approaching the mascot challenge,” she said.

Twelve local schools have the opportunity to win a prize of £1,000. To enter, schools should submit entries of the ‘Recycle a Mascot’ competition to us, no later than Friday 3rd November. Each of the winning schools will feature in our Company’s 2018 calendar.

For information regarding the Terms of the competition, contact us at

IMAGE CAPTION: Artist Ami Marsden (far left) and Caren Owens (far right), are joined by local teachers at the 3D Sculpture Workshop, inspired by the South Hook LNG ‘Recycle a Mascot’ Competition.

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