South Hook LNG helps to develop green spaces in County Town

May 2018

South Hook LNG helps to develop green spaces in County Town


The Priory Saltings on the banks of the western Cleddau was once Haverfordwest town’s rubbish tip.  Recently, the Town Council looked into the possibility of using the area as recreational parkland and, in conjunction with Pembrokeshire County Council, it has been given some much-needed attention. Through the South Hook LNG Community Fund, in partnership with Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services (PAVS), Councillor Jon Collier secured £5,000 to get the project off the ground.
Environmental and Countryside Conservation students from Pembrokeshire College worked alongside members of the Town Council and built a new boardwalk pathway, connecting the Priory Saltings, the town’s Augustine Priory Ruins and Quay Street. This followed months of hard work from the group, cutting back riverside brambles and creating a set of access steps before construction of the boardwalk across the marshy ground could begin. The project was supplemented by the planting of 420 native tree saplings by the students and other volunteers and in the autumn, a circular wild flower meadow will be sown to enhance the biodiversity value of the area.

Cllr. Collier was keen to thank the students for volunteering their time. “This pathway is a way of linking up two of our green areas in town,” said Cllr Collier. “Perhaps in the future we can do the same for other areas.  The group has done a fabulous job and it was a joy to work with such enthusiastic youngsters and the Saltings will form part of a wider Blue and Green infrastructure improvement project within the town.”

To thank the students for their commitment and passion to the project, town mayor Cllr. Sue Murray presented a special civic award, the Haverfordwest Mayor’s Award 2018, on behalf of the Town Council, to the 16 – 23 year olds.

The students in the group are Luke Evans, Jake Richards, Charlotte Hughes, Marcus Crawford, Michael Strand, Angus Russel, Madeleine Nix, Cai Howes, Elspeth Andrews, Gareth James, Cieran Hewitt, and Martin Mann.

Photos: Pembrokeshire Photography

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