Protecting our Environment

Working to Reduce our Environmental Impact

We continually monitor our operations and any potential impact of the Terminal on the surrounding environment and community.  We work with experts in the field to identify techniques on how best to mitigate any impact.


The South Hook LNG Terminal was designed to have minimal impact on the stunning natural beauty of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

The Terminal sits on the same land where an Esso refinery used to be situated and so, where practicable, existing structures were utilised, including the jetty and power lines, minimising waste, physical disturbance and the overall impact on the environment.

The storage tanks were designed to ensure that they were wider and squatter than usual to limit visual impact. 

Extensive ground excavation ensures minimal visual impact for surrounding communities.  The soil that was removed was used to build strategically placed bunds all around the Terminal to act as screening.


South Hook LNG is committed to limiting noise and is respectful of the views and needs of our neighbours.

Air Quality

Natural gas is one of the cleanest of the fossil fuels and due to the use of best industry practices our emissions from the Terminal are continually monitored in line with permitted levels of operation.

Great effort has been taken to reduce any emissions to air further by using state-of-the-art equipment, including limiting gas flaring from the site.

Marine Flora and Fauna 

Unique Biodiversity

The rich marine life found within the Milford Haven Waterway is of international importance.  Precaution is taken at all times to limit marine disturbance during the Terminal's operations.

 Photography: Professor David Kipling